Wifey/Assistant photoshoot


This past Saturday me and the wifey tackled our first photo shoot together! It was pretty cool. At first we were all nervous and stuff but we loosened up and got some really good shots. I learned a bit as well. I figured out that I need something to block the sun so that I can see the screen when I'm taking pictures lol. I usually shoot from the view finder but with my after market Rokinon 14mm lens I noticed that what I see on the screen is a lot more accurate than in the view finder so I tend to zoom through the lcd screen first and then shoot through the view finder. Gets a little tricky at times but the only way to fix it is by buying the Nikon wide angle lens and that thing is NOT cheap. Below is my beautiful wife/assistant (isn't she gorgeous!) along with a few of the images from the shoot.

AntB Out