Niagara Falls


   I'm a little late because we actually took this trip on the 14th of this month. I was waiting so that I could have the pictures I took edited and uploaded on here, but.... You know how life goes. I've been very busy at work and burned out by the time I get home. Cuddling the wifey has been my #1 past time during the week...and weekend lol. #Caking

   Anyway, Canada was amazing! But before we got to the amazingness we drove past 100 miles of farmland. I remember specifically at one point smelling cow poop that reminded me of M&M's mixed with fart. I told the wife while we were driving and she stared at me for a second and started cracking up cause she realized I was dead-on with my description.

   Once we landed on Clifton Hill rd I was amazed at how awesome that strip was. There are attractions everywhere! Theatre's, museums, fun houses, haunted houses and when we finally saw the falls I was in awe! The movies and pictures just don't do it justice. Truly a marvel of the world. I could stand there for hours, hypnotized by the water falling. Pictures will be up soon.

AntB Out!

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