Niagara Falls


   I'm a little late because we actually took this trip on the 14th of this month. I was waiting so that I could have the pictures I took edited and uploaded on here, but.... You know how life goes. I've been very busy at work and burned out by the time I get home. Cuddling the wifey has been my #1 past time during the week...and weekend lol. #Caking

   Anyway, Canada was amazing! But before we got to the amazingness we drove past 100 miles of farmland. I remember specifically at one point smelling cow poop that reminded me of M&M's mixed with fart. I told the wife while we were driving and she stared at me for a second and started cracking up cause she realized I was dead-on with my description.

   Once we landed on Clifton Hill rd I was amazed at how awesome that strip was. There are attractions everywhere! Theatre's, museums, fun houses, haunted houses and when we finally saw the falls I was in awe! The movies and pictures just don't do it justice. Truly a marvel of the world. I could stand there for hours, hypnotized by the water falling. Pictures will be up soon.

AntB Out!

Go here to check out some of the attractions>>>  

Panikk Progress


If you don't know, I have been working on a comic book quietly and away from social media for a while now. The process has been very slow but it's getting to a point where it's starting to feel good. I can almost see the finish line! Here is a few panels from a page in the comic book. Starting to add details to the flat color.

AntB Out

Wifey/Assistant photoshoot


This past Saturday me and the wifey tackled our first photo shoot together! It was pretty cool. At first we were all nervous and stuff but we loosened up and got some really good shots. I learned a bit as well. I figured out that I need something to block the sun so that I can see the screen when I'm taking pictures lol. I usually shoot from the view finder but with my after market Rokinon 14mm lens I noticed that what I see on the screen is a lot more accurate than in the view finder so I tend to zoom through the lcd screen first and then shoot through the view finder. Gets a little tricky at times but the only way to fix it is by buying the Nikon wide angle lens and that thing is NOT cheap. Below is my beautiful wife/assistant (isn't she gorgeous!) along with a few of the images from the shoot.

AntB Out

Inktober #Noisy - Hulk vs Wolverine

Hello folks,

Inktober #2! Again I chose to work through Inktober using a super hero theme. So for the topic #Noisy, I decided to draw The Incredible Hulk screaming at Wolverine. Just figured the carnage that would occur when those two battle it out would be very noisy. Below is the sketch and the final! Follow me on Instagram for more sketches that don't make it on here! @artbyantb


Starting Inktober!! #Fast

Finally caught a break at work and had some time to work on some art! For those of you who don't know, inktober has become popular with artists and illustrators around the world. Basically you are supposed to ink something in a sketchbook or digitally for everyday in October. There are even drawing topics for each day if you do a little research. I'm choosing to do a super hero themed inktober starting with The Flash and the hashtag #fast! Here is the sketch. Look for the final on my Instagram.

AntB Out


Start of a new Blog

Hello friend,

It's nice of you to have landed here. Not much going on yet. Just transitioning from a blogspot to SquareSpace. So far so good I guess. I really hope that I can fill this thing up with awesome content but, we'll see,...things have been slow, Art-wise that is. I just got married though....WHAT!! And she is amazing. I'm making a promise...right now,... that I will post here more often! BOOM! There it is!

AntB Out.